About Picnic Spot

We all know food just tastes better when you sharing it with friends and even more so when you are in a breath-taking spot outdoors.

That said – who says that you have to slum it; or be uncomfortable when you go for a picnic? We South African’s have some of the most beautiful weather, the most beautiful spots and the most cheerful people – so we should spend plenty of time outside. So all the more reason to do it in comfort! With this in mind we decided to put together the ultimate offering for you to EAT.OUT.SIDE in quality and comfort.

Our offering grows out of a passion for quality gear and quality food. To that end, we have been careful to select only those products which deliver a very satisfying experience when using them.  Be it our compact & easy to use Easy Chairs (to deal with the discomfort of sitting on the floor); the quality of the grinder that is produced by our GSI ceramic Java Grinder or the fact that when you take so many pictures that you run your phone flat – you can recharge it on the Black Diamond Moji Charging Station lantern.

Added to that we have partnered with local South African’s who are making a difference here at home – grass root industries, NGO’s addressing the poverty cycle and entrepreneurs passionate about quality food. Our vision is to keep adding to this offering and quality you can depend on, from sources you feel good about supporting.


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