Steripen Quantum Rapid Purification System


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High Volume Water Treatment System:

Purification, Filtration and Storage!

  • Treat 4 Litres of Water in 150 seconds!
  • 40 micron filtration.
  • 4 Litre Purification & Storage Reservoir Included.
  • KILLS: 99.9% of Bacteria, Protozoa & Viruses!

The Rapide Quantum ™ Sterilization System enhances the SteriPEN’s® UV Sterilization process. It enables the processing of large volumes of water in a fraction of the time, which require more powerful and expensive systems to perform the same process. The sterilization rate of only 40 seconds per litre sets a new standard!

The Rapide UV technology works with a specially designed reservoir, in conjunction with the leading SteriPEN® UV technology, to dramatically reduce bacteria removal times. This allows the sterilization of up to four litres of water in less than 150 seconds.

The entire Rapid Quantum ™ Sterilization System combines rapid sanitization, filtration and water retention to provide the best water treatment solution for groups, outdoor enthusiasts and emergency situations.

The Quantum ™ UV Water Sterilizer can treat up to 12,000 litres of water with the Rapid UV ™ Reservoir, and works with four AA batteries (not included). The entire system includes a SteriPEN Quantum ™ UV Water Sterilizer, a Rapid UV ™ 4 Litre Reservoir, a Foldable 1 Litre Refill Container, and a 40-micron FitsAll ™ Filter.

The sterilization of large volumes of water in three simple steps:


  1. Attach FitsAll filter and attachment and fill reservoir with up to four litres of water
  2. Insert Quantum water sterilizer, insert through the filter opening and click to activate the SteriPEN
  3. After disinfection: remove filter and sanitizer, close the opening and pour out water or drink directly from the narrow spout

After sterilization, the Rapid UV ™ 4 Litre Reservoir can also be used as storage for the purified water. Its practical handle allows easy transport and spout of ready to drink water – always and everywhere.

The system includes:

  • Quantum ™ UV Water Purifier
    • 4 litre Rapid UV ™ Reservoir
    • 1 Litre Refill / Sample Tray
    • 40 Micron FitsAll Filter ™


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